Dealing With BlackBerry JVM error 517 Issues

The JVM Error 517 occurs when one or more records are missing or corrupted, either an application or operating system itself is damaged, as a result of this is generated Sudden and unexpected interruption to all existing processes in the BlackBerry Smartphone.

The best way to solve this problem is to eliminate files causing the error. It is therefore necessary to perform this simple sequence logical steps and make our BlackBerry boot sequence starts normally. The good news are that it is easy to fix it. With just one download (see below) and a little time (about 2-5 minutes including downloads) it is easily possible to get the machine running again.

First, the following programs are required:

Download driver software update, you have to install it and run a free scan that will solve the problem instantly.

How do I fix this error myself?

Facing an error in your BlackBerry can be more frustrating experience as many of us rely on our devices and have it disabled for even a day can be a disaster when you encounter this message, you know you’re facing a serious problem not only because they appear without any reason and is often not something you can fix yourself.

Solution to this type of error

To fix this jvm error 517 you need to fix the file/s or driver issues. it may be a corrupted driver, to fix the driver issues you need to update it. the best way to update your driver is to use a professional tool. Driver software is the ultimate solution to the blackberry driver issues. For jvm error fix download driver software that easily update your driver so you get rid of driver issues.

Another option is Installing FileCure, running its 100% accurate file type scan, and fixing the file types that are currently causing errors will only take you 2 minutes. (Download here).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Adding the missing or corrupt dll file manually is not officially supported by Microsoft or blackberry and should be performed with caution.

Can This error Lead to Other Problems?

If you choose not to fix it, any applications that access this file simply will stop working for you. Error messages of this sort are often only the first indications that your Windows PC needs maintenance. When you install/uninstall software on your computer, critical files and registry entries are altered. One by one, these small changes compound and Windows has difficulty making sense of the data. Unfortunately, correctly identifying and remedying issues with a computer’s operating system is a task usually far beyond the average user’s skill level. If you are experiencing a “jvm error 517” , we highly recommend a free file scan of your computer to look for other issues that may also be contributing computer’s problems and go from there. If you’re encountering hardware issues, you’re well advised to consider a PC Health Advisor program.

Other Options:


Eventually every BlackBerry user would have received any number of App Error screens. They could be 205 errors, the 523, or 507 varieties of errors, or they could be the dreaded JVM Error 517. Without a certain amount of experience, people will not know much about these errors, what they mean, and what to do about it. The most common of the above is the ’507′ error and it exists to inform you that the device software needs to be loaded. Less common but more significant are the reset variety of errors, and of those, the “white screen of death” (517) is what creates the most vexation for BlackBerry users.

 Try Removing the Battery

JVM Errors are encountered by BlackBerry users when the device has a need to make the user aware of a failure in which the BlackBerry cannot safely recover normal operation. Sometimes these errors occur because of software issues, but error 517 is also known to occur due to interactions with BlackBerry hardware. To find out, remove the battery and keep it disconnected for three minutes before replacing it. Turn the device on and check.

Fix the Error Yourself

To fix a 517 error you need to begin with addressing driver issues, as the problem may be with a corrupted driver. Fixing this means updating the driver and the best way to do that is to download the driver software from the net. If that does not work, then another solution is installing a tool known as “FileCure” and running a scan of the system files. With the tool, you can identify and repair file types that are causing the errors.

Other cures for the Error 517 problem involve making sure that you are deploying the most recent version of the Blackberry Device Software. If it seems that you may not be, then you should check with your wireless provider to confirm. If you confirm that you have an older version, then it would clearly be wise to upgrade to the most current available version. If you have any questions concerning how to update your software, you can get that information from the Device Update section of the BlackBerry website.

If at this point you still have not cured the error problem then it is time to speak to your wireless provider. Depending on the status of your warranty, they may undertake to schedule repairs or replacement of the unit. Before it comes to this, your provider will want to confirm that your unit is not encountering a hardware conflict, which causes the device to stop working as it once did. If a hardware conflict can be ruled out then an operating system upgrade could be the solution because error 517 problems are notorious for error or loops within the operating system.

If you still getting this window at startup that says Windows Installer (preparing to install), then you cancel and it comes up again, check Sonic Activation Module fix guide.

If a defect in the operating system turns out not to be the root cause of your JVM error 517 issues, then the next thing to consider is if a recently installed app created this problem. To confirm this you can try to boot the device in “safe” mode, then remove the latest app installed to see if this fixed the problem. Be advised that simply uninstalling the most recent app may not completely remove every trace of that program, and that is why you need to reboot the device in safe mode.

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